User Role Modelling

🎭 User Role Modeling: Crafting Your Product’s Character Cast!

December 8, 2023 | Lavaneesh Gautam

Welcome to the exciting world of User Role Modeling! Think of it as a director crafting characters for a blockbuster movie, but here, the stars are your product users!

What’s User Role Modeling? 🤔

Imagine your product is a party. User Role Modeling is the art of inviting the right mix of guests. It’s about understanding who’s coming, what they love, and how they’ll interact with your product’s party vibes!

🌟 The Spotlight: Users & Personas

  • Who’s on the guest list? Identifying different user roles is like picking characters for a play. Who are they? A tech wizard? A casual browser?
  • What’s their story? Each user has a backstory. What brings them to your product? What are their goals and dreams?

The Steps to Stardom: Role Modeling Journey 🚀

4 Steps of User Role modelling
  1. Brainstorming Fiesta: Grab your team, a stack of sticky notes, and let the ideas flow. Picture a wall blooming with colorful notes, each a potential user role!
  2. Organizing the Chaos: Now, let’s make sense of this colorful mess. Group similar roles, ditch the duplicates, and focus on roles that bring life to your product.
  3. Consolidating the Cast: It’s like a reality show now! Who stays, who goes? Merge overlapping roles and focus on unique, vibrant characters.
  4. Refining the Stars: Add depth to each role. How often do they use the product? Are they tech newbies or gurus? Define them like you would a character in a novel.

🎲 Play with Examples!

Let’s say your product is an app. How would “Emma, the daily user” interact differently from “Bob, the tech newbie”? Create scenarios and walk through their journey in your product world.

Final Thoughts 💭

User Role Modeling isn’t just a task; it’s a creative adventure! By the end, you’ll have a diverse cast of characters, each ready to interact with your product in their unique way. So, let’s start casting for your product’s hit show!

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