Private Training

Learn With People From Your Organisation

Benefits Of Private Training



Courses will be designed to meet your unique needs and goals. We will have a precourse consultation. Learners will acquire practical and professional knowledge & skills which can be applied immediately to their work.



For us, your needs are the priority. You decide when and where your training is delivered. Choose between half days, full days, mornings, nights, and weekends, or even have your team attend remotely.



We understand that many clients don’t want to discuss their ideas, challenges, and innovations openly with other organisations. Private, training allows sensitive and confidential information to be discussed freely since only your team is in attendance. Our Trainer will sign NDA (No Disclosure agreement) whenever needed.

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Pre Training Support

Guidance and resources are provided to learners before the actual training commences, which is intended to prepare them adequately and optimize their learning outcomes during the training period.


Post Training Support

All our private training learners receive post-training support that includes

  • Practice assessments
  • Online Community
  • 30 min Free 1:1 coaching/consulting

Cost Savings

Private training is tailored specifically for groups, making them more cost-effective for our clients. Furthermore, by holding these sessions at the client’s location, clients can receive additional cost savings.

Ways We Deliver Training

Traditional Classroom

Focused learning, usually over 1-3 days. Hands-on, activity-based

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Full Day Training

Traditional full day training session. Typical 7-8 hours

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Half Day Training

Instructor led training broken into 4 hours session over consecutive days.

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All of our courses provide a live hands-on, activity based learning experience. These can be taken In-person or virtually across full working hours (generally 8 hours 5- type 8 hours full). Most our courses are across 1 or 2 business days.

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Immersive Learning

Under the supervision of a Professional Scrum Trainer, students participate in both learning and practising within the classroom, followed by implementing and solidifying their knowledge through various smaller sessions outside of the school setting.

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Flipped Learning

Under the guidance of a Professional Scrum Trainer, students engage in a flipped learning model where they
assimilate knowledge in smaller sessions outside the classroom and then apply, reflect on, and reinforce this knowledge through in-classroom practice.

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Build Your Own Course

Recognizing the distinctiveness of each organization or team, we appreciate that often they have unique requirements. To accommodate these individual needs, we provide the flexibility to tailor your own curriculum. We offer a selection of workshops, spanning 1, 2, and 4 hours each, from which you can choose and construct a course that best aligns with your goals and preferences.

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Practice Assessments
Free 30 Min 1:1 Coaching/Consulting Session
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Exclusive Online Community